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In order to show this symbol e. Thanks for the heads up Buji! I'll give that a shot.

Activating console panel for Heroes 5 patch 1.3

The is 6, as fiur mentioned above. Abowlarice Tavern Dweller. On vista, when you try to save the command line in the autoexec. The trick around this is the use of a seperate file. Copy the autoexec. This method works with both vista and windows 7. Ohhhhh and does this work with heroes V gold edition version 1.

Am alittle stumped as Ive played this all without cheats now I want to mess around with it alittle more. Look forward to a nicer reply and some help if its able. Hi Grail, thanks for that info. But all the info everyone has shared has been very informative and tried and conquered as they say. Thanks guys. Huntress81 Tavern Dweller.

My husband has been playing since he was like 12 and finally got me hooked on Heroes 5. I was able to get the game console to show up and work on my laptop, but not on my desktop. It is the same version of Heroes, both computers are fairly new, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. When I go into the game on the desktop, I just can't bring up the console at all.

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - Mega Battle - 1 skeleton

I also tried changing the hotkey, and that doesn't work either. Am I missing something?? Anyways, I've edited my autoexec. I can't even get the console to show up. Any help or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated! DarkPhoenix Tavern Dweller.

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Cheats not working Hey I'm new to the forum but I have a question to ask, whenever I try to activate the cheat console it doesn't work. I'll put in what i need to in the notepad file but nothing happens when I go to use a cheat in the game. Does anyone know what might I be doing wrong or forgetting? Quote: Hey I'm new to the forum but I have a question to ask, whenever I try to activate the cheat console it doesn't work. If I understand your question correctly, you make all the changes to the files, but cannot pull up the cheat console in the game.

Hope this helps. So thank you Aurelian. SageShadowbane at wrote: Wow! Great job once more Aurelain! Thanks a lot. Build up mode sounds really good and I think it'd go a long way to preparing your "ultimate hero". I don't think reverse mode would serve much purpose though. It's pretty clear already what skills lead to by the arrows. Lepastur at wrote: There's a little mistake with the Demon SkillWheel. The Urgash's Call is wrong, instead of that it shows the Warlock's ultimate ability. There's also an obsolete info about the quantity of gated creatures.

Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East

Aurelain at wrote: What I would like is hear your opinion on the following two new features: 1. It answers the question: "Where does this skill lead me to? Keep in mind that it might clutter the interface and the usage. Aurelain at wrote: It amazes me how bugs keep creeping in :. The Arcane Brilliance bug is new, because I re-imported all the text. Once a handful of bugs is spotted, I'll fix them. Other than that, all that Shad0WeN mentioned is already implemented all text are extracted directly from the game files, so, hopefully, all mistakes belong to Nival. DaemianLucifer at wrote: The other one is explode corpse.

There are two "Arcane Brilliance" perks for the Demon Lord, I forgot what one of them should be though. But it's there still?!! Really, what's the point?

  • Activating console panel for Heroes 5 patch 1.3;
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It improves the Mark of the Damned, which is a Demon Lord specialty. Is there a catch that I miss people? Angelspit at wrote: Please try again, I just changed the links. Thanks for the explenation Mytical at wrote: It also works on your friendly troops much the same. If you mark a friendly and bless, phantom force, ect another stack then the one your marked also gets the benifit of that spell. However I am not sure how it 'doubles' bless. If you cast say Phantom Force on the marked stack then two copies instead of 1 are made.

Celestial Heavens - All Things Might and Magic

SageShadowbane at wrote: If I recall correctly it's an active ability aka you select an enemy creature on your hero's turn, costs no mana. You can only mark one target at a time. Example: You fight one stack of skeleton archers and one stack of plague zombies. You mark the plague zombies.

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Next turn you fire an eldritch arrow spell at the skeleton archer. You will now cast 2 arrows. One at the plague zombies and one at the skeleton archers.

Had you marked the skeleton archers they would be taking 2 eldritch arrow hits. SageShadowbane at wrote: Most excellent! Angelspit at wrote: Yes, he will. SageShadowbane at wrote: Always did love this. Will Aurelain also be providing the HoF and 1. Sherpa at wrote: This is great maltz at wrote: If you are talking about Agrael, try the 4L Luck, Leadership, Logistics and Light formula.

It works very well. How much I should play to ashieve this intangible ability??????? Unless there are tons of witch hut and you get lucky all the time, it is impossible to learn it very early. The good news is a well-customized skill set is more powerful than the ultimate activity. So, forget about it. Orfinn at wrote: In the description for Elemental Balance for the Demon Lord class, it says knight. I didn't even know about ultimates until I came here. ThunderTitan at wrote: The Ultimates that are actualy worth it have a pretty good skill selection.


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One of the reasons Ultimates are broken. Arthas89 at wrote: Wow, that kind of sucks, since as stated earlier, to get ur Ultimate ability, you have to get skill and abilites you may not like or don't fit your Hero. ThunderTitan at wrote: Yup, there are only 3 ability slots for each skill, except the racial one, where you can learn a 4th Ultimate Ability.