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Well, except when they are. Did you ever wonder what was at the end of your lines? As a programmer, I knew there were end of line characters, but I honestly never thought much about them.

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But newlines aren't a universally accepted standard; they are different depending who you ask, and what platform they happen to be computing on:. The Carriage Return CR and Line Feed LF terms derive from manual typewriters, and old printers based on typewriter-like mechanisms typically referred to as "Daisywheel" printers.

On a typewriter, pressing Line Feed causes the carriage roller to push up one line -- without changing the position of the carriage itself -- while the Carriage Return lever slides the carriage back to the beginning of the line. In all honesty, I'm not quite old enough to have used electric typewriters, so I have a dim recollection, at best, of the entire process. The distinction between CR and LF does seem kind of pointless -- why would you want to move to the beginning of a line without also advancing to the next line? This is another analog artifact, as Wikipedia explains:.

Pretty much business as usual in computing. If you're curious, as I was, about the historical basis for these decisions, Wikipedia delivers all the newline trivia you could possibly want, and more :.

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This exciting difference in how newlines work means you can expect to see one of three or more, as we'll find out later newline characters in those "simple" ASCII text files. If you're fortunate, you'll pick a fairly intelligent editor that can detect and properly display the line endings of whatever text files you open. Even worse, it's possible to mix all three of these line endings in the same file.

Line Breaks in Windows, UNIX & Macintosh Text Files

Innocently copy and paste a comment or code snippet from a file with a different set of line endings, then save it. Bam , you've got a file with multiple line endings.

DOS vs. Unix Line Endings

That you can't see. I've accidentally done it myself. Note that this depends on your choice of text editor; some will auto-normalize line endings to match the current file's settings upon paste. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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CR is a relict from the "classic" Mac OS, it's not used anymore. I specifically remember on Snow Leopard it used CR.

I am on Snow Leopard and it does not use carriage returns, neither in TextEdit, TextWrangler, TextMate, vim, emacs, nano, when echoing to a file, et cetera. And there is semi-authoritative reference on that, so you must have set your editor on Snow Leopard to use carriage returns then.

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